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BFF (Baby Blue)


Everyone needs a BFF! Someone, or something you can count on and that will be there for you when you need it! The Munnyman Pedals BFF is a single transistor fuzz/od/boost type circuit that pushes well past unity.

Boasting touch sensitive grit and growl, the BFF doesn’t require you to roll the volume back to clean up your tone, but this circuit is, however very responsive to the guitar volume!

Whether you’re playing contemporary, alt rock, blues, country, indi, or hard rock, your bases are covered.

Handmade by Hector Santos in Dallas County, Texas, USA.Munnyman Pedals is a one-man operation.

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Easy to use, and very dynamic crunchy fuzz pedal.
Check out these wonderful demos by the one and only, Buddy Blues, and studio extraordinaire, Matt Foy!

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