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MV Knockout Tone V2 (Seafoam Green)


The Minimalistic Vibe Knockout Tone is based on the KOT with 2 cascading drive circuits that can each be altered to be a Boost, Overdrive, or Distortion via internal Dip switches .
Well, basically, one foot switch can be your boost, and the other can be your overdrive. If you really want a “pushed” overdrive tone, configure the boost before your overdrive. Note you have “Stacked Tone!” You can also stack overdrive and overdrive, distortion and distortion, or anything in between. So many different combinations!
STILL want more versatility?
Well, there are 2 internal trimmers that control the “Presence” that gives you more, or less overall “bite!”

The Minimalistic Vibe Seafoam Green Knockout Tone is a limited color way, so once they are gone, they are gone!